New Office Ergonomics
New Office Ergonomics
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We provide ergonomic advice for new office set up. Ergonomics is important during all stages of designing and constructing a facility, because it considers the human factor and their interaction with tools and equipments. More often than not it is overlooked by various members involved in designing and implementing. Also rising instances of work related injuries arising out of poor ergonomic considerations at design stages can be avoided by careful planning and procuring right products. 
Whether a remodel or a new construction, let us help you make right decisions in designing and procuring that will be safe for those working in your space. 
Clients that we worked for: 
1. I-flex Solutions 
2. Juniper Networks Corporation 
3. Amazon India Development Center 
4. MindTree Ltd. 
5. Winphoria Networks Pvt. Ltd. 
6. Google India Development Center 
7. Philips Electronics India Ltd. 
8. Intel Technology India Ltd. 

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