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Ergo Fit exercise programs: An Exercise program that is geared to towards maintaining fitness levels of individuals with minimal or no time. Our aim is to motivate them to change their lifestyle in a positive way and incorporate exercises into it, whichever way possible 
Our extensive survey of office workers shows that everybody knows exercise is important and they should do it but, the no. 1 reason that people do not exercise is lack of time and the no.2 reason is that of being lazy. 
We believe in both reasons, 
Hence we have designed various levels of fitness program ranging from people with minimum time to people who think of fitness and make time for it. 
Level 1 exercise program: (15 min duration daily): basic stretches that everybody should get familiar and do it. 
Level 2: Gentle exercise program: (30 min. duration): includes basic stretching and light strengthening 
Level 3: moderate exercise program: (45 Min. duration): Cardio, stretching and strengthening 
Level 4: extensive exercise program: 
Level 5: Athletic level fitness program. 
Level 6: Return to fitness after injury: this needs extensive physical assessment and graded exercise program 
Train the Trainer program: for corporate exercise program: 
Team training to motivate teams to do exercises at workplace

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