About Us
About Us
Welcome to ErgoWorks Inc.!! 

We are a Bangalore (India)  based corporate health, wellness and ergonomic consulting company. ErgoWorks Inc aims at  total solutions for  corporate health, ergonomics, wellness programs. ErgoWorks partners with it's clients to provide cost effective and efficient on site health care services. Our wellness experts from  various fields  provide range of services in various segments of the industry. 
For our client we build a unified team of professionals and deliver services at client location. 
At ErgoWorks we recognize cost effective preventive and wellness services can not be delivered unless we provide integrated solutions for our client's benefit. We are a group of medical and rehabilitation professionals with extensive experience in the field of primary health care, occupational health, ergonomics and wellness. 
We offer corporate health,ergonomics and wellness services to organizations in Pan  India locations such as  Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai. We have successfully developed and implemented in house corporate health care, wellness and ergonomic programs in leading corporations for last 7 years.
We conduct ergonomic research, ergonomic product trials related to various product design and product development. as well as consult for new office set up. We help to implement global ergonomic program for our mutinational clients.

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