Our Team
Our Team

Dr. B.R Chaitanya

Dr. B.R. Chaitanya Co-founded ErgoWorks 2003 with Bharati Jajoo.

Prior to ErgoWorks Inc. Dr. Chaitanya worked with leading MNC's as a physician and offered unique and customized health care services since 1997. He has been featured in leading newspaper for his work. Under his health care expertise numerous companies initiated employee friendly occupational health care programs for the first time in their organizations. He has advised and implemented ergonomic principles in selection and layout of works station and chairs for new office set up for leading corporates of Bangalore.This planning as well as corporate health care programs focused on prevention and wellness helped to reduce work related injuries. He also helped and spearheaded health care programs of various corporations enabling them to be compliant with OSHA (Occupational health and safety board USA)18,001 certification standards.

Prior to his assignment with MNC's, he has worked at Manipal hospital, Bangalore, where along with his assignments with MNC’S he was also working at  casualty department and was in charge from 1992 -1997.Further he was instrumental in initiating corporate social responsibility for Manipal hospital and designed free health camps. In this endeavor the hospital adopted 5 underprivileged villages with a commitment to provide free and concessional treatment to the poor villagers.

He  fascilitated corporate participation in eye camps, health screening camps.
He handled all types of medical conditions and emergencies.

Dr.Chaitanya is a medical graduate of Kasturba Medical College Manipal Karnataka.

Bharati Jajoo
OTR (Occupational Therapist Registered, USA ) &
CEAS (Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist)

Bharati Jajoo Co-founded ErgoWorks Inc in 2003. ErgoWorks Inc is the pioneer of Bangalore's innovative and new age on site health care services. Bharati is an Occupational Therapist and Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist.
She has developed and implemented ergonomic programs of various levels at many  corporate offices, hospitals and as well as in the industry -- manufacturing, assembly lines etc.

She has  provided ergonomic expertise to enhance varity of products and make it more user friendly and comfortable such as various sitting products, work stations, tractors, multiutilty vehicles.

She has provided  ergonomic expertise for designing a flexi-sitting corporate offices in  Asia pacific region for diversed multinational population.   

She writes and presents at various forums dealing with work-life balance issues, injury prevention, health awareness creation, back safety etc. She has received advanced training in various therapeutic techniques for treatment of neurological as well as musculoskeletal disorders.

Prior to ErgoWorks Inc. Bharati was working at O'Connor Hospital San Jose, California, USA.

She received awards and recognition for her contribution to conceptualization and development of various health care initiatives.  Bharati has worked at several multispeciality health care organizations on the east and west coast of USA.

She has a masters degree in Occupational Therapy from Mumbai University and she received gold medal from Nagpur university for her bachelor's degree.

Bharati is a member of American Occupational Therapy Association( AOTA) and a licensed Occupational Therapist for the state of California. She is a life member of  Indian society of ergonomics and all India occupational therpist association ( AIOTA)

Dr. Jayaprakash

Has over 25 years of clinical practice experience. He has worked with many organizations in and out of Bangalore. He has been a committed team member at Ergoworks Inc. He is a sincere and dedicated physician who towards wellbeing of his patients

Ms. Ashwini Sukumar

Ashwini is nutrition expert.Ashwini is experienced and methodical dietitian who looks at all details of each and every client to get result that they are looking for.She is a academician who is eagerly pursuing Phd in Nutrition.

Sherely Joy

Sherely has over 20 years of nursing experience in and out of India. She is experienced, friendly, caring and enthusiastic nurse.She is proactive in handling first aid, emergency and wellness at workplace.

Elizabeth Samuel

Elizabeth has over 7 years of clinical experience at various health care facilities. She is passionate and dedicated to nursing. she continues to advance her skills with  continous learning.A great team player and coordinator.

Ms. Sangeeta D

Sangeeta has over 4 years of clinical nursing experience. she is dedicated and well versed with first aid, emergency care and wellnees practises at work place
She is caring and dedicated nurse towards patient care who often goes above and beyond her duties.

Ms. Srividya Shivprasad

Srividya has over 5 years of experience in physical therapy. She is a quick  learner. She combines her knowledge of physical therapy, ergonomics towards prevention and management of various health issues. Srividya has developed her skills in various aspects ofl managment of repetative strain injuires. She strives for results and able to work with various team members to reach excellence at workplace health and wellness.

Mr. Venkat Rao

Physiotherapist with keen interest in ergonomics. Venkat has been with ErgoWorks Inc over 3 years and  has over 7 years of experience in the field. He implements ErgoWorks onsite ergonomic program at leading corpoarate clients.

Ms. kshipra Joshi

Kshipra's interest in rehab goes beyond just dealing with human. She is very well versed with various rehab aspects along with ergonomics.

Micheal Paul

An Occupational therapist  with wide experience from post disaster management and rehab to preventive health care aspects.

Madhvilatha B

Staff Physiotherpist with interest in multiple areas including ergonomics. A quick learner with keen interest in execution and implementation of  ErgoWorks  program. She is also enthusiastic leader for group classes and imparting  knowlege to her clients 

Pushpa Hawargi

 Trained psycological and stress counselor who works very closely with employees and employer at work place. Her insight and approach helps organizations and employees to work in harmony.

Dr. Bindhu Gopinath
A caring, dedicated, dependable physician with over 7 years of experience.  She works towards overall health, wellbeing of her clients.

Monika Dhiman

Physiotherpist with over 3 years of experience. Her interest ranges from workplace ergonomics to preventive healthcare. Her other area of interest  is in developmental therapy for physically challanged children.


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