Our Approach
Our Approach
Ergoworks Inc.'s mission is that "work shouldn't hurt". We have an unique background in medicine, rehabilitation, ergonomics and its clinical application in prevention and management of work related injuries.

   Corporate health/wellness programs:
  • We believe in a holistic approach towards health and wellness
  • Our excellent problem solving skills combined with evidence-based practice and clinical experience helps both employees and employers to achive organizational and individual health and wellness
  • Healthcare specialist teams are built to develop and implement specific health programs for individuals and for organizations
  • Develop and manage multi-specility corporate health/ergonomic  programs unique to company's culture and philosophy
  • Onsite stress management services
  • Onsite nutrition servcies

        For Ergonomic program:       
  •  Ergonomic consultation for new office set up: Work with architects, fascility management team, procurement team to design productive and safe workplace.Design to overcome human limitations. A good design combined with right  ergonomics can maximise productivity and health of users. We can help to achive ergonomic requirements for Leed certification of a fascility. 
  • Ergonomics for current workplace:  ErgoWorks provide complete solutions from advise to resolution of risk factors of existing work place and address  ergonomic related health concerns of  workforce
  •  Comprehensive corporate ergonomic program: We follow OSHA (USA) guidelines to offer well rounded  and uniform corporate ergonomic  program through out  India and Asia Pacific region.
  •  Ergonomic Training: Classroom as well as online traning programs for India and Asia pacific locations. A Training with difference. Unique training program with practical demo and relevent application
  • Work station evaluations: A complete assesment for individual's work place to identify risk and provide solutions to reduce  identified ergonomic risk 
  • Ergonomic design of a product: Consultation to enhance comfort, safety  and multiuser model. Experience in sitting products, farm equipment, multiutiliy vehicle, work stations.Defining new product demands from ergonomic point of view and assesing mock ups and approval prior to industry testing of a product
  • Ergonomic Managment system: (EMS) a complete corporate ergonomic tool and management system. A tool for scalibity and unifromity of program specifically designed  for Indian scenarios and conditions 
  • Ergonomic risk assesment tool : Reseller of Ergonomic Risk Assesment toolA complete software package from risk assesment  to solutions for organizations. A tool that is complaint with European and American norms.

Ergoworks Inc offers:

For Organizations/ Corporations
Minimzing Maximizing
Lost Workdays Efficiency at Work
Absenteeism Presenteeism
Poor Productivity Productivity
High turnover of employees Employee Morale

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For Individuals

For people who are suffering from musculoskeletal disorders (i.e. back pain, neck pain, arm pain etc.), we offer comprehensive services from consultation on preventive care to rehabilitation and return to previous level of function. 
In addition to traditional rehabilitation techniques we use advanced hands on techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, neural tissue mobilization, integrative manual therapy, kinesio- taping techniques to achieve highest level of pain relief and function. 
Along with knowledge of ergonomics  use of  various body-training concepts such as Pilate's, Alexander techniques for people with chronic pain to relearn on using their body effectively for various functions in their daily activities. 
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