ErgoWorks Services has been the main ergonomic and primary health care provider for Amazon India since 2005. They have provided more than 500 on-site workstation evaluations for our employees. Their 1-on-1 consult has provided relief and comfort to our employees whose daily tasks include repetitive motions of their upper extremities. Their involvement has likely prevented many injuries, improved productivity and health of our employees. They've helped us with program development, effective implementation of program, selection of ergonomic equipment. They also have provided customized ergonomic training to our various business groups. When it comes to onsite health care and ergonomics, I need not look anywhere but Ergoworks Inc.

Vijayashree Parmeshwaran
Human Resources
Amazon India

Over 3 years back, MindTree started an initiative called Healthy Mind in Healthy Body. The purpose was to focus on creating awareness on healthy lifestyle, focus on Ergonomics & RSI for Computer users and to provide convenience of services at our doorstep to the people. We identified ErgoWorks to be our primary partner in rolling out these initiatives in our Bangalore office. Their services comprise running an onsite primary health centre, fortnightly awareness sessions on Work related Musculoskeletal Disorder (WMSD)/Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), pro-active Injury-risk analysis, Workstation evaluation and recommendations. 
Our experience with ErgoWorks has been delightful and to our satisfaction. We find the ErgoWorks team sincere, committed, competent and more importantly always willing to help. They have been a key driver in MindTree's journey in building a workplace that personifies Healthy Body and Healthy Minds.

Puneet Jetli
Vice President & Head - People Function
Mindtree Limited.

Thanks for the Evaluation. After putting the back cushion, all my back pain has gone away. Very happy! :) 

Rohit Mohan: Employee of  a internet  search company

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