Ergonomic Awareness Program
Objective:    To create awareness for risk and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders
Requirement:   Projector, Class Room
Duration:       1.15 Hours
Class Size:     35-40 Participants

The objective would be: 
* Introduction to ergonomics 
* Risk factors 
* Types of WMSD's/RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) 
Ergonomic Workstation Evaluations
Objective: To identify individual risk factors for risk of musculoskeletal injuries
Requirement: Interview, work posture observation, measurements
Assessment of:
  • Work set up 
  • Work Environment 
  • Work Habits 
  • Posture 
Job Task Analysis
Objective:   To identify potential high risk tasks which may be predisposing factors to musculoskeletal injury
Requirement:    Job description,interview, observation, possible video recording, still photography

Assessment of:
  • Work set up 
  • Work environment 
  • Work flow assessment 
  • Postural requirement 
  • Meas ...
Comprehensive Ergonomic Process for Corporates
Objective: Prevention and early intervention to prevent work realted musculoskeletal disorders and promote wellness!
Requirement: Basic office infrastructure, Team

  • Setting up the process of ergonomics 
  • Implementation 
  • Follow up 
  • Closure
New Office Ergonomics
We provide ergonomic advice for new office set up. Ergonomics is important during all stages of designing and constructing a facility, because it considers the human factor and their interaction with tools and equipments. More often than not it is overlooked by various members involved in designing and implementing. Also rising instances of work related injuries arising out of poor ergonomic considerations at design stages can be avoided by careful planning and procuring right products. 
Whether a remodel or a new construction, let us help you make right decisions in designing and pro ...
Back Safety Awareness
Objective:    To create awarness about safe practises to prevent back pain
Requirement:     Projector, Class room
Duration:           1 hour
Class Size:   35-40 participants

  • Basic functio ...
Back School
Objective:        Prevention for recurrent back injuries. "The More know about your back better you can take of it."
Requirement:   Participants must complete first session on Back safety as well as basic therapy treatment for acute back pain
Duration:         1 hour
Class Size:       8 - 10

Ergonomic Product Design
Our Approach is to work with our clients as a part of their design team. By knowing work demands on people, understanding their work behavior, usage pattern and expectations, we help translate that understanding into the mapping of a product. We help to create office equipments, accessories, tools that will be easier to use and safer for people in the long term by using our knowledge of ergonomics, biomechanics, anthropometry.

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